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Pitching Artificial Intelligence Before You Together With Opportunity

PaiByTwo was founded by the Research scholars at IIT Roorkee. The founders have strong research and technical backgrounds with several publications and copyrights under their names. PAIBYTWO stands for 'Pitching Artificial Intelligence Before You Together With Opportunity' as its vision is to provide opportunities to enhance AI learning opportunities and services through our research and development. It consists of a group of passionate researchers specializing in providing quality training to build Artificial Intelligence Skills and developing products in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

StartUp: Courses & Programs
Computer Robot


We are leading innovators in the field of cyber-physical systems aiming to make India ready for Industry 4.0. The motivation to build emotionally intelligent robots is at the heart of our work. We aim to provide services to the areas of agriculture, healthcare, cyber-physical systems, cognitive computing, smart cities development, and smart manufacturing.


We strongly value providing skill-oriented education to learners of all walks, from school students to working professionals. Hence, we also conduct training programs for the important pillars of Artificial Intelligence, i.e., Robotics, Computer Vision, Emotion AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Statistics.

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